Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hikkaduwa Beach in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa beach is famous for its beautiful coral gardens and beach parties. It is one of the top locations for beach parties and you will find some sort of beach party almost every month of the year. Although there are secluded beaches owned by the hotels for you to relax, this isn't the ideal beach to spend a relaxing holiday. Because of the beautiful coral reef Hikkaduwa attracts lots of locals as well. This beach is frequented by mostly young tourists, and a popular destination for group packages as well. There are few top class hotels near the area. Coastal ares of Sri Lanka from Colombo to past Matara is full of luxurious beach hotels so it want be hard to find a beach hotel near Hikkaduwa.
The main attraction of the Hikkaduwa beach is the beautiful coral reef in the area. When the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa was one of the least affected areas because of the protection it got from the reef. Although the reef was damaged from the Tsunami most of it is intact and you can view them by going on glass bottom boats. If you want to experience it close hand then you can go diving in the reef as well, although this will cost you a considerable extra amount. Hikkaduwa is also famous for delicious sea food and you can find many road side stalls and cards selling delicious sea food items. This is also a beach where you can go surfing, although it is not possible every time of the year.

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