Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bentota Beach in Sri Lanka

Bentota is another famous Sri Lankan beach, renowned for its top quality hotels, built mainly with tourists in mind. It is very hard to book a hotel near the Bentota beach during the holiday season, which falls on November to February. One reason the Bentota beach is popular among tourists is the fact that it is not that far away from Colombo and also the beach is more secluded compared to other beaches near Colombo. Most tourists who come on business work choose a hotel or a beach resort near Bentota or the Beruwela beach to spend a weekend because of these reasons.
There are some five star hotels in the area with all the necessary facilities. As I mentioned before the hotels are mostly targeting tourists so generally you can expect a good service, especially if you are a tourist. The staff will be eager to help you and they can communicate in English. The food is prepared with the tourists in mind, even Sri Lankan dishes are not as spicy as usual and most hotels serve a great breakfast menu with lot of European delicacies.
Bentota beach area is generally not a great beach to go swimming but there are some areas that is great for sea bathing. You can go on boat rides, visit the nearby Island by boat or go fishing if you enjoy those kind of activities.

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