Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotels in Nilaveli Beach

After the end of the war Nilaveli beach is one of the most visited beaches in Sri Lanka and new hotels are coming up to cater to the sudden increase of locals and tourists. Because it is one of the beaches furthest away from Colombo most visitors stay overnight, another reason there is a big demand for hotels in the area. Mentioned below are some of the luxurious hotels in the area, but there are plenty of other small hotels in the area, especially towards the Trincomalee town.
Nilaveli beach hotel is the oldest hotel in the area and one that has survived the war without much damage. It is near the most visited beach area in Nilaveli and it has its own private beach so guests can enjoy sea bathing without any hindrance. The starting point of the pigeon island boat service is also very close to the hotel, so if you are planning to visit pigeon island as well then this is one of the best hotels to stay.
Chaya Blu hotel is the newest luxury hotel to be opened near the Nilaveli beach. It is managed by the Chaya hotels and resorts group who are famous for there quality of service. They have some innovative attractions specially targeted towards tourists. You have the ability to take part in fishing using the "Maadala" ( very large net used to catch fish in huge numbers ) , go on Whale watching tours, go snorkeling near the pigeon island etc.
Pigeon Island holiday resort is another luxurious resort near the area. This is a comparatively small hotel with around 40 rooms with the emphasis on privacy and personalized service. You wont find the grand buffets as in hotels but the restaurant offers a variety of choices. This is preferred by tourists who want to have a calm and a relaxing holiday.