Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beach Bungalow in Pamunugama

Situated pretty close to Colombo The Beach Bungalow in Pamunugama is a beautifully designed boutique hotel where you can spend a relaxing holiday. There are quite a few things which makes it the ideal destination for a day out, especially for people living near Colombo. Good as the place it I found the website to be horribly designed making it pretty much unusable in a computer with a slow connection. I just can't understand people getting obsessed with flash heavy websites without considering the basic navigation in a website.
Since the place was excellent I wont dwell on it that much.

The design of The Beach Bungalow
Infinity Pool - The Highlight of the Place

Things I liked about the place

As mentioned above there are quite a few things which makes it ideal for office day outs and family outings, and below are some of them.
  • Ease of access - The bungalow is in Pamunugama, which is close to Thudella, Ja-Ela. However there are quite a few alternative routes if you happen to visit there during traffic hours. You can by going through the Elakanda road, Hekitta road etc and going parallel to the Hamilton canal. The website have a detailed map on how to reach the place.
  • Friendly Staff - The staff was very friendly and professional. They responded well to our requests and when some guys who got drunk requested for something prepared because they missed lunch they did the best with what was available to them.
  • Great Food - The food was great. There were beef chops, cuttlefish , barbeque chicken included in the meal. They could have done a bit better with the vegetable soup they have served. The desert was plentiful and the chocolate biscuit pudding was absolutely delicious.
  • Beautiful Design - The bungalow has a simple but a beautiful design with plenty of space. The pool is the highlight but the rooms were also designed beautifully. It really looked nice with lights on in the evening.
  • Excellent Pool - As mentioned above the pool is the highlight of the place. Part of is inside the bungalow so you can avoid the sun if you don't feel like getting a tan. Part of it is outside the bungalow so you can enjoy a swim in the sun while enjoying the cool ocean breeze. There chairs built within the pool so you can enjoy a drink while in the pool. The pool is deep enough for a swim but not that deep that you will drown. A very nice place for some guys to come and enjoy a drink.
At the time of writing this a double bedroom cost Rs.8000 and if you book the whole bungalow with five bedrooms you can get if for Rs.30,000. A very good deal considering the food, the location and beauty of the place.

The Sea , Just beside the bungalow

Bedroom of The Beach Bungalow

Things that could have being better

There are few things that they can do to improve the place
  • A better maintained beach - Although it is not there direct responsibility, having a clean beach in front of the bungalow is important. Although you can access the beach there is big reef in front so you have to move a bit further if you want to have a sea bath.
  • A better website - They really need to have a better website with a bit more content and a lot less flash loaders. Navigating the website is a pain, but they have got one thing right by displaying the contact information prominently. It is a shame that not many know of such an affordable and a beautiful place. They can do wonders with a bit of search engine optimization
The Beach Bungalow in the Evening, The sunset was also beautiful
The Infinity Pool, From a different angle

Having spent the last few months exploring the villas near Galle this was a welcome change of scenery. And the prices are very reasonable compared to the villas found in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Also the flexibility they offer to office crowds makes this a great team outing destination.

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  1. very good calm place ,, i visited to this bungalow before 1 year,,, the sunset is perfect and the pool area,,, woww,,, i like this place .... keep it up,,